The Gods Must Be Crazy II

Bushman Xixo (N!xau) traverses the parched Kalahari desert with his two young children, Xiri (Eiros) and Xisa (Nadies). When the youngsters happen upon an enormous tank full of water, they clamber into it, only to discover that the tank is attached to a truck belonging to a pair of ivory poachers heading back to the city. Meanwhile, a pilot (Hans Strydom) and a scientist (Lena Farugia) get into a series of comic misadventures when their small ultralight plane goes down over the desert.
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Initial release: 13 October 1989 (South Africa)
Director: Jamie Uys
Edited by: Renée Engelbrecht
Screenplay: Jamie Uys
Initial DVD release: 1 June 200

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