A Thousand Words

Jack McCall (Eddie Murphy) is a selfish literary agent whose fast-talking ways allow him to close any deal. His next target is New Age guru Dr. Sinja (Cliff Curtis), but the savvy doctor sees right through Jack. A magical tree appears in Jack's yard, and, according to Dr. Sinja, the tree and Jack are connected; every time Jack says a word, a leaf falls from the tree. When the last leaf drops, Jack will die. With just a thousand leaves left, Jack must learn to curb his speech or he's a goner.
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a thousand words b

Initial release: 9 March 2012 (Canada)
Director: Brian Robbins
Box office: 22 million USD
Screenplay: Steve Koren
Producers: Brian Robbins, Nicolas Cage, Alain Chabat, St

Units in box: 1 DVD


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